Generation Overcome & Improve

For every bottle sold, at least €1,- is invested in Generation O&I. Overcome & Improve wants to make a change in the lives of young people. Not in the way that youngster are dependent of Generation O&I, or in a way they feel they are in need or being helped. No, Generation O&I is meant to give young people tools in order for them to explore their inner strength and motivation, climb their personal ladder to reach new heights. To experience to be conscious in the little steps they take and to what destination these small steps lead.

The Overcome & Improve bottle reminds us every day of the power of little steps and motivates us to be determined, disciplined and persistent in climbing our personal life ladder!

It’s all about valuable lessons in life, the – very famous – one’s that teach you the secrets of the techniques how to catch a fish, instead of being given fishes.

Generation O&I offers kids a very simple tool: fun, easy and educational!

Overcome & Improve Awards

Generation O&I invites young people in Elementary School from the age of 10 and up to take part in the Overcome & Improve ladder challenge. If you want to participate in this challenge, inform your teacher. Pupils can sign in for the yearly Overcome & Improve Awards when the school is signed up as a participant. If you, for some reason, are not in school, you are also welcome to join the challenge. Every participant is equal.

The yearly changing jury members of the Overcome & Improve Awards will select the top 3 most inspiring ladders. The jury will consider the following requirements:

  • Creativity in the concept
  • Degree of motivational properties
  • Positive influence on environmental surroudings
  • The scope of inspirational influence

It is allowed to send in the Overcome & Improve ladder as an individual, or as a team of maximum 4 people.

The deadline for submitting the ladder will yearly be announced in time.

Naïm Abed, the 16 year old CEO of Overcome & Improve and initiator of Generation O&I will personally announce the three jury members.


What do the top 3 ladder participants win?

  • An Overcome & Improve bottle for every student in the same class as the winner
  • Their O&I story at the Overcome & Improve website, Instagram and FB
  • The winning ladders will be featured on the news page of Overcome & Improve
  • Money that must be spent on the development of the participant

Think about a camera for a winner that wants to become a photographer, a course in acting for a winner that wants to become an actor or an agreement to hire a space to organize activities for a winner that needs this space for reaching his or her goal.


The jury will nominate a maximum of 9 ladders and these 9 nominated ladders will be announced on the website, Instagram and FB of Overcome & Improve. Parents and teachers will be contacted by Overcome & Improve.

Save the date for the Overcome & Improve Awards event

During the Overcome & Improve Awards the top 3 winners will be presented! All 9 nominated candidates (and their class teachers) will be invited at the Awards. Time and location is made known in time.

Printed (large) versions of the O&I ladder format and one copy of the additional explanation can be ordered by your school teacher by sending an e-mail to

Contribute? Join!

Are you as an individual or as a company interested to contribute to Generation O&I? Of course you are welcome to join us and offer your services or donation to Generation O&I. Please contact us to see in what way we can collaborate. Overcome & Improve  believes that people as individuals can make a big difference, but when we join forces this difference can be immense! 

Overcome & Improve is convinced that teaching the youth valuable knowledge about their own strength and the power of little steps will help to Overcome obstacles & will Improve lives. Not only the lives of that particular person, but also the far reaching influence they will have to Overcome gaps & truly Improve the world.

Generation O&I stands for the power of togetherness, inclusiveness and joint responsibilities for a better, healthier and happier life.