Based on a journey full of obstacles. Overcome by determination, discipline and persistence. Step-by-step. Improve health, awareness and personal growth.

Overcome & Improve

Through my personal journey, which I consider to be a ladder, I learned to act from my inner strength. Therefore I was able to improve my life in all areas. On this ladder that I have climbed over the years, I have learned a lot. The most important that I realized throughout this journey was that determination, persistence and discipline are indispensable to Overcome and Improve.

“The ladder symbolizes
my personal journey”

– Naïm Abed

I want to share this valuable experience and Improve the future prospects of people. With my product I wish to inspire and change the contemporary view of life. One person can be massively powerful and can help to bring that change we need in today’s world. By consciously taking each step, we will discover the impact of our own thoughts and behavior on our lives.

Take it step by step. Sometimes it is necessary to take very small steps up the ladder, take one step or several steps back, overcome obstacles on the ladder or stand still, before you can continue. Stay determined, persistent and disciplined and you will Overcome obstacles and reach new heights.


With my product I wish to Overcome obstacles and Improve the future prospects of mankind

Overcome & Improve is the answer to the growing debt problem and increasing health problems among (young) people in today’s complex society. With Overcome & Improve awareness is motivated and thus it encourages to Improve health and financial situation. And with that also comes mental stability.

Overcome & Improve stimulates (young) people to Overcome and Improve by the creation of an innovative initiative, a glass water bottle that stimulates awareness, health and personal growth. Affordable and usable by everyone. Overcome & Improve contributes to the connection between people with various backgrounds and stimulates a healthy and stable society. To benefit all.


Motivate and inspire to make healthy choices in every way

The vision of Overcome & Improve is to use raw materials smartly and as economically as possible. Sustainability is top priority for Overcome & Improve. Naïm Abed plans to study Medicine in the near future and wishes to develop more Overcome & Improve products that benefit people in every way. Naïm wishes to contribute in innovative ways.